Who is Visual Mantra?

Visual Mantra is a direction, a purpose, the essence of the art that we do and what exists in this website. 
Here you'll find art that reminds and align the mind to a higher/clearer/more-open state of awareness.
In short, Visual Mantra is Mindful Art to Align Awareness.

Read The Full Visual Mantra Manifesto Here

Hi, my name is Bryan G Olivas Orozco,

 I am creatively a writer, artist, photographer and poet. A gardener of the light. The friend. 

My artistic work is centered around honoring experience and inspiring exploration. Creating of space for careful attention and deep listening. The sharing of the knowledge. 

If there is one thing I wish to express it is this: relationships are the most valuable and rewarding aspect of our lives.

Hello, my name is Marcelo Villaseñor, 

"En esencia, somos expresión del cosmos.
In essence, we are expression of the cosmos." 

The message I have been called to share through Visual Mantra is one of self-empowerment through creative expression. Be it through illustration, writing, photography, dancing, and/or engaging in learning; I'm there for it. 

My favorite thing to do is to reciprocate healing, love, inspiration, ideas, knowledge, and anything that brings us life. 

Thank you for visiting this mindful e-place.
Please keep enjoying the visit, express your ideas and/or questions, and if this site resonated with you, I invite you to share it in conversation 🌞 

This is Visual Mantra's Instagram. I invite you to reach out & stay in touch <3

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