Visual Mantra Manifesto

- In this space we share our process of healing through art. -

And like a mantra, where each word is essential to the whole, all the elements of our artworks are equally intentional. - 

That said, as we continue to observe this conscious -fluctuating- growth in our practice & expression, change, adaptation and acceptance naturally flows as consequence. This is what we perceive -in this present- as the evolution of our consciousness.       

Which, as we’re going about this deconstruction -& infinite reconstruction- of identity, it’s imperative to aid our mind’s expansion through a conscious and intentional practice.
Here’s  where Visual Mantra comes in. 

In other words, Visual Mantra is Mindful Art that Align Our Awareness to the Purest Expression of Our Essence as Life.

Clear Intention

Every piece of art in this website is inspired by a mantra and our aim is to infuse that centering reminder throughout the whole creative process; from the sketches to its art statement.

Here are some of the key-terms that we’ll be considering for our upcoming Visual Mantras: 

  • Our connection with everything
  • Presence - Receptiveness - Openness
  • Peace - Stillness
  • Love - Unconditionality
  • Flow - Surrender 
  • Creativity - Curiosity - Exploration
  • Awareness - Consciousness

Addressing Ourselves

Using “WE” instead of “I”: Even though -at this moment- there’s only one person behind the creation and maintenance of content for this website, when “i” talk about “we”, we use it through the awareness that we’re not the only ones thinking & coming up with these ideas. “I” am fully aware that all that exists in this website (and on the sketchbooks) is both a peculiar product/consequence of experience/circumstance (passed down knowledge, resources, etc.) and thus something that one cannot take full credit of.

Using “US” instead of “YOU”: Even though we’re talking to “you” we’re also talking to ourselves. As stated before, this expression is only a reflection of our current process of learning/healing. Furthermore, we use “us” also as an intentional way of ~further~ dissolving the illusory separation between our-selves.

We express what we need to receive. As everything, from the cosmos to the cosmos.

All the Love,

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