Trébol - Clover

Plant Connection Card
in collaboration with Shaman Jesús García from HerbalActionProject

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Plant Information from HerbalAction

This is a fuzz ball tall herb, known for helping kids feel playful, creative and empowered to dance to music. They call this one the "fun group" herb because it loves to play with others in whatever setting... They are the life of the party and they are the protectors of fun times, being silly and bringing out your true self without judgment. Kids love to eat the fuzzy flowers that come in colors or red, pink and white. 

Spiritual Shaman Teachings by Community Shaman Jesus Garcia

Clover, also Known as Trébol, has long been utilized for its "flow" quality in Shamanic Herbalism; as this plant spirit supports the fluidity of emotions, times of despair and connection to our child spirit. Normally utilized in Altar formulas and prayer & platicas for tribal ceremonies, this plant guardian is seen as a friend not an elder nor master. Clover comes to us as a bouncing spirit of exploration; it is known to bring laughter, inquisitive growth while softening the tension of racing thoughts in a caring manner.

Visual Interpretation:
Through the eyes of a kid looking up to the light of creation rising from the core of the earth all the way past the moon. Upon this scenery, high pasturelands that rise along a pointed mountain, a massive moon partially behind this formation, and an infinitude of moving stars twirling in orbit to where the light expands in all directions.

Plant Journey:
Plant In a moon-lit field, a humbling mountain-like formation emerges. From its peak a ray of light pierces through reaching the skies where it blooms its rays in all directions. This life-expansive view from the night skies provokes a child-like sense of admiration and permeated love. This is where a caring, perspective-shifting energy of life inquiry comes to attention. 

Creative Exercise: Inquiring from Root to Fruit

Intention: To come back to the wonders of our surroundings. To re-ignite a playful introspective observation of life. A cleanse in perspective. A re-calibration of our ability to explore life. Deep immersion into the full capacity of our wonder. Healing through an ecstatic child-like sense of the amazement that peak novelty provides. An inquiry into the self with fresh eyes.

Practice: While embodying the energy of Clover, continue to sit in stillness staying open to any questions that may come through. While doing so, visualize the child-self experiencing Clover’s Plant Journey and let its Mantra bring you back into the intention of the session. Write down all the questions of healing that resonate with you.

Product: Re-write and organize these questions in your own ways and use them as prompts for your journal. Let your answers guide you to new questions and keep on iterating! 

Traditional Mexican Herbal Recipe: 
Ceremonial Tea- Té de Trébol by Herbalist Leslie Bish of Hearts Content Apothecary

This tea is normally used in Platicas and to Share Healing Conversations. This traditional tea is made with Miel (honey) as it is connected to the animal spirit of the Bee, always in flow, always in flight and supported by the element of Air.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 tablespoon of Miel (Honey)
  • 2 teaspoons of Trébol Blossoms 
  • 3 Cups of Blessed Water

Preparation: Boil your water beforehand, once it has boiled to medium heat; pour the water in a heat safe mason jar.
Take a moment here as the steam of the water rises from the mason jar, take a moment here to say your affirmations , by doing this you will bless the water to its true direction on what you want to manifest in your rituals, creative practice and interpersonal endeavors for yourself or community. Once you have blessed your water, add your Trébol Blossoms - do this in a positive intention; speak positive words as you sprinkle in your blossoms. Once the blossoms are bouncing on the top of the water in the mason jar you will add your honey. Let the honey coat and bring a nurturing blanket over the Trébol Blossoms, be still with this tea and take in a breath of support as this tea starts to warm your space with light and love. Stir your tea gently and let cool. You may then pour 1 cup of tea for yourself and drink the rest as needed for communal and creative positive flow. 

Podcast teachings:

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