Rosa - Rose

Plant Connection Card
in collaboration with Shaman Jesús García from HerbalActionProject

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Herbal Action's Plant Information

The strong single mother, providing a safe home of pure love, you can always count on rose to be there without judgment. The best friend that tells it how it is, but helps you understand to not  take things too seriously. This plant has a strong root system, never letting you forget where you came from, the struggles of life and what it takes to appreciate your body and talents. The scent of the flower is like getting a powerful aromatic hug telling you to appreciate your body, the thorns are boundy protectors keeping negative energies away from your safe space. This plant loves to be worn on the body, used in bathtime and in cooling rose flavored teas. Always trying to be in your business but only because she cares a lot for you.  Energy of rose is said to be strong; protector of boundaries and space. 

Spiritual Shaman Teachings by Community Shaman Jesus Garcia 

Rose as a spiritual teacher and plant friend has the ability to uplift our personal boundaries. While this guardian helps us through battles of our human experience; rose can also help us move emotions and energies that no longer serve our path. Primarily sought out after it's nutritive abilities, rose brings balance to our past traumas, relationships to ourselves while uplifting our value to our truest purpose.   

Visual Interpretation:
[Rose] Dusts off the space, mobilizes, reactivates, energizes perception. Sweeps stuck energy & opens doors to purity, softness, care, vulnerability. A Teacher of vulnerability.

Plant Journey:
In a dark-neutral space with no limits, a spinning spear-like beam of light with winged petals flies freely all around in a spiraling fashion going below and above perception. This soft dance transmits an energy of cleansing, protection, and allowance for the being’s vulnerable expansion.

Creative Exercise: Letter of Intuitive Love

Intention: To open the self to a vulnerable expression of meditative appreciation, expansive love, nurturing acknowledgment, and a clearer/deeper human connection.

Practice: While embodying the energy of Rose, meditate in total openness to receive the presence of the human connections that you’ve nurtured so far. After sensing a relationship that feels right (one that carries some sort of inspiration), ask internally: 

  • What is the highest message/teaching that I have decoded from you? 
  • What does our healing process look like and what can I clear to support this collective process?
  • What is my intention with you going forward?

Write the answers, and everything else that comes in-between, in the way that feels most natural. During and at the end of the meditation, consciously foster energy of appreciation, love, and gratitude for this person. Repeat this with whoever your intuition directs your attention.

Product: This process highly benefits from the mailing of these letters. So feel the timing and send them to whom it corresponds.

Traditional Mexican Herbal Recipe: Protective Spirit- Rose Salt Blend  

In herbal medicine; body teas and baths are a great way to receive the nutrients of the botanicals you are working with, for various healing modalities. You can utilize this salt blend for bringing protection to your energy, space, body, nutrition and spiritual connections. Salts contain needed trace minerals to replenish and balance the physical form.

Bath Salts for the Spirit: 

  • 1 part Pink Salt 
  • 1 part White Salt 
  • 1 part Dried Rose 

Preparation: Blend all of the ingredients in an empty jar and use as needed for protection, love and strength. For Spiritual Support in Altars, Bath Rituals, and Nutrition.  

Podcast teachings:

Episode 1 - Rosa/Rose  In this episode we learn the supportive nature and empowerment of the spirit of Rosa/Rose. We speak with shaman student and artist Marcelo Villasenor on their experience of plant spirit meditation and intuitive connections. We learn the basic understandings of herbalism with plant alchemy with a traditional folk recipe. A rose breathwork for ceremonial and creative space teachings with elemental guidance is facilitated at the end of this episode for mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.     

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