Órbita Semanal: The First Update

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by Bryan G. Olivas and Marcelo Salinas Villaseñor

It all began with curiosity and a desire to better ourselves spiritually and emotionally. We asked one another how we could live our lives in harmony with our calling and the responsibilities that one naturally carries in the modern world.

After deeply pondering about the current systems that we have in place; -specifically the ones relating to the structure of our days, our habits of work, and our overall well being-, we concluded that it was easy for us to get distracted from our purpose and that our ideas and momentum were being diluted. There, we felt the need to redefine the relationship we had with our time. 
Since then, we’ve been cultivating this ever-evolving process of symbolic study and practice through a renewed perspective of the “week” and the cycles of Nature.

In the process of talking about the ways in which we could bring more intention to each day, we decided to learn about the historical context, etymology and the planetary associations of our 7-day cycle. With our newfound knowledge, we began to take note of the patterns that we were noticing in relation to the symbology of each of the days and our activities throughout the week. Eventually, our iteration of this new practice led us to transform the “week” into what we now refer to as our “Órbit”.

Órbita Semanal (ÓS) is a revitalized system for re-envisioning our lives through the practice of creative writing and action. ÓS is self empowerment through self knowledge.

With this new (operating) system, we begin our Órbit on Sun-day instead of Monday.
The day of the Sun is associated with beginnings, and so we utilize this new start to set a clear intention and to direct our attention for the days ahead. Every day has a unique and complementary energy that we use as a guide along with the considerations of the lunar cycles and seasons. Through ÓS we offer the cultivation of inner-outer connection in the way in which we engage with our individual and collective human experience.

A New Vision

We feel a real need for a new way of relating to the world at large. We all view the society we live in through a collective story. That story shapes our connection to reality. We propose ourselves to mindfully choose the way we transform our lives and model the behaviors of the planet we wish to see. Let us continue evolving through the orienting and integrating spirit of learning, healing, and expression. Honoring the infinite potential of our lives, we extend our hand and invite you to be allies in this process. For us to work together to cultivate better relationships and community. For us to engage deeply with the world around us for the greater good.

♃ The Art of Following Up:

We invite you to co-create this community with us through the creative gathering workshops, 1-1 virtual guidance sessions, and/or applying ÓS through the utilization of our guides.

Here are our current links:

ÓS Guidebook

Guía de Referencia ÓS

With Love,
Bryan and Marcelo

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