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Design Talk


It all started with a dreamy conversation with ✨ @kaleidoscopa ✨ about the vision of the event, then the draft was made, then I wrote some more notes while immersed in the final draft, and finally the process of vectorization and coloring happened while listening to lots of ad-hoc music 👨‍💻🎧

What a journey these are 🤍 and what an honor and blessing is to be sharing what makes my heart beat with such an amazing community ✨ that including you and our inner kids 🥰

Art Island: Bubbles and Beats

This design was made for an Austin-based Collective of Artists that organizes soul-expanding art events in town. 
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The event happened on the the 4th of December at the Sanctuary Yoga studio in Austin.

Key-concepts of the Design

Celebratory Gathering, Journey into a Nature-filled Party, Meeting of Magical Beings, Sharing Light, Rooted Aliens, Dancing Entities, Talking Trees, Day-specific Moon Phase. 

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