Wild Dagga

Plant Connection Card
in collaboration with Shaman Jesús García from HerbalActionProject

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Visual Interpretation:
Warrior. Empowers progress. Energizes inner-strength.

Journey Experience:
A vision of an old ceremonial warrior mask is conjured in alternation with the bodily sensation of going into a fighting/dancing stance. The strength-inducing energy of a drumming circle fills the space. This embodiment encourages action and connectivity in a state of flow. 

Creative Exercise: Warrior Connection

Intention: To reconnect with our life force, to energize our inner-strength. To come back to an awareness of grounding embrace and clarity.

Practice: While embodying the essence of Wild Dagga in meditation, feel into the life force of your body. Bring your attention to the deepened breathing, to the supported energy of your firm posture. Through this state, fully attend and appreciate the increased groundedness and aliveness that this connection brings. With the mantra in mind, witness how the body (and mindstate) feel when moving through different stances of power. Percussion-centered music and chanting are highly recommended for this practice.

Product: Iterate on these energy-giving movements by implementing them into your routines and/or when feeling a prevailing sense of weakness, disconnection, indecision or fear. 

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