Visual Mantra Postcard

This postcard was designed to serve both as a visual mantra for your creative spaces
and as an introduction to the essence of our purpose.

"I Contribute to the Collective Consciousness Through My Unconditional Love and Presence"

Current Version

Being the second iteration of the postcard, our intention is to always stay open to growth.


  • Mindful Art to Align Awareness
  • Initiative that invites to heal in the present
  • Opportunity to spark mindful conversations
  • Lifelong project of growth
  • Magnet of great energy
  • Ripple effect

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Putting things in perspective, this project started as the answer to the following question:
How can we make full use of our presence and resources to be an authentic part of the solution?

This particular finding came as the outcome of an introspective session where unconditional love and full presence were key elements in the creative process.

 Through that focused intention, the consequent clarity and flow brought these ideas into paper and then into this present process.   

From this experience there’s been reassurance that worry, fear, anxiety, resentment, impatience, resistance, attachment, expectations, and indulgence; are all just blinding hindrances that keeps us from being in the present, and thus from living through our most authentic expression. 
“A veces me distraigo, siempre me perdono. Infinita iteración.”
(sometimes I get distracted, I always forgive myself. Infinite iteration.)

That said, we invite you to be the greatest expression of your being, to learn from the love within and to share what you learn through your journey. We invite you to reciprocate love and to be a conscious part of this expansion. We ask, freed from expectations, for this message to inspire a ripple effect of authentic action towards the betterment of our planet.

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Welcome back -unconditionally- to this healing awareness. 

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