Transcending Identity

Mantra: "I Transcend Identity"

The Reflection

We, as layers of identity, are filled with entities;
countless masks from experiences.
The authorities who raise us puts them on,
& so it becomes part of our own. 

Genders, nationalities, families, races, ages, religions, culture,
talents, careers, hobbies, social circles, relationships.
The art we consume, the brands that consume us.
Our successes, failures, psyche, pride, fears, thought patterns,
zodiac signs, stereotypes, ideologies, appearances… Events.

Identity who puts up a resistance from living/loving fully.
from being authentic, from existing free of anything toxic.
Inner system that struggles to find love within
whilst anxiously surviving through those mere fleeting pleasures.
Instant gratification, the craving for acceptance:
Our being’s blinding restrains. 

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