The Fibonacci Love Collab

I’m so excited -and grateful- to be announcing the release of a project that I’ve been working on with an amazing friend of mine that combines one of my favorite mediums (bandanas) and one of my dearest and most intentional designs <3

I hope you like this as much as we did doing it! Thank you for reading!!

The artist behind the collaboration

Angélica is a fashion designer from Monterrey, Mx. that has interest in textiles, fashion and costume design. 
“My inspiration comes from the way people may feel when wearing a nice print, a textile and shape they like, clothing as an extension of the soul. There is not a mandatory way one should dress. Just as the mind, fashion and textiles can go up, down, right or left, depending on the subject. Clothing is moldable to the way people feel and that gives us a glimpse to their interior.” 

Due to our mutual love for mindful design, we decided to create a product using her materials & knowledge, and my design.  

Fibonacci Love Print

Design Talk

Putting it into words, this design is a snapshot of an explosion and expansion of fibonacci-shaped hearts. And although this pattern needed to be constrained to a certain dimension, it was designed to be infinite in both contraction and expansion.

Along with it, a mantra that reads: “I contribute to the Collective Consciousness Through my Unconditional Love and Presence” accompanies the design to aid its intention and clarify the message. 

That said, I hope you resonate with this visual mantra 🙏

Material & Care 

  • Satin / Poliester
  • Washing: delicate / gentle cycle
  • Iron medium
  • Avoid passing it through wood or plants as the material can tear.

Sizes, Uses & Prices

Small Flag (11” x 11”):
Pocket Square, Small Dog Bandana, Poster | $8 

Bandana (22” x 22”):
Headband, Knot Necklace, Choker, Bag Accessory | $14

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