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  1. List of Mantras that Align Awareness

    Here you’ll find the complete collection of Mantras that have been invaluable tools for our minds. Keep in mind that this list will stay updated as we continue to grow together in both conversation and individual experience. We’ll also be hyperlinking the mantras as soon as we come up with

  2. Visual Mantra Manifesto

    - In this space we share our process of healing through art. - And like a mantra, where each word is essential to the whole, all the elements of our artworks are equally intentional. -  That said, as we continue to observe this ever-fluctuating growth in our practice & expression;…

  3. Healing from Within

    I’m sharing this as an invitation to reciprocate wisdom from our life’s path and enjoy this growth in community I feel that throughout my public artistic & social expression I’ve maintained a certain discretion with this type of message.Why? Because I’ve been learning, taking notes, exploring and stretching my creativity;…

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