Let Us Have Mindful Conversations

How do we get to break the cycle of repetitive and seemingly empty conversations? What is the way out from tirelessly indulging in disserving gossip? How can we better talk about the possible solutions instead of drowning in complaints?
Why do we always feel heavy/drained/hollow after such conversations?
Let us all explore some of our solutions here.

That said, this blog post will include: mindful ways of preparing for a conversation, prompts to start the chat (saving us from the automated “how are you”s) to check-in with our current states of mind, and talking prompts to further explore our human experience.

And as everything, what applies to our relationships with others, applies to the relationship with ourselves. So as we go about inviting this mindful conversation with others, let us have this deepening session with ourselves.

Before the Conversation

As we have been implementing our note-taking during all of our mindful sessions with others, we’ve found it so fruitful to write tailored bullet points about the topics, questions, ideas, etc. that we’d love to share and talk about with the people that we’re going to -eventually- have a session with.
Which, one thing that could also be pretty interesting to do, would be to share this blog post prior to our conversations and thus letting us all enter in that clear mindset right from the start.
(hello fellow being ✧)

What’s the highest purpose of our mindful conversation?
We deem that we are here to hold space for each other.
Through love, presence, openness, compassion, empathy, oneness, creativity and mindful intention + attention. 

Therefore we unconditionally acknowledge the safe space that we embody in communion. 

Let us explore & expand expression through our authentic and freed conversation <3


Before getting to the creative cusps of our session, we think it’s important to check on how everyone is feeling and the ways we can support each other before embarking on whatever odyssey awaits us all.
Here’s a summarized list of the check-in key-points that lie ahead.

  • Intention 
  • Energy
  • Mantra
  • Exploration


An intention that always feels good to bring up (as it naturally re-centers our energy) is our willingness to fully listen and engage in what we all have to say. That not only refreshes our attentive sentiment to what we’re about to receive, but also to everything that we’ll be sharing. 


What is our current energetic state? How much energy do we perceive in our bodies? Do we feel the need to rest? Are we holding too much energy to sit still?
What kind of energy would you like to nurture in this conversation?
Do we have enough energy to ‘take out the white board’ or do we feel more like laying around and resting in contemplation? In other words, how can we better hold space for each other in this moment?


What is/are the mantra(s) that have brought us to alignment? What is something that we’re grateful for? What is a sentence/saying that brings us peace, that eases any type of resentment or anxiety? What do we need to remind ourselves of?
Who are we? How can we get more in touch with our life’s essence? 


After centering ourselves in this shared space of mutual understanding, we can better assess what topics would be proper to prioritize and what other ones to save for another session. 

That said, here is where we get to share all the ideas, ponderings/questions, projects, highlights, books, movies, personal challenges, creative practices, healing processes, etc. that we feel right to share.

Talking Prompts

For all inquiries that we decide to bring out to the table, one mindful reminder that is always healthy for all is our ability to maintain & to come back to presence. This could also be translated through this question:
How can we apply whatever we’re sharing into our present situation/vision?

  • What -really- brings us life?
  • What’s our highest purpose here?
  • In essence, who are we? What can we learn from such inquiry?
  • What are we resisting and how can we work it through?
  • What has been our happiest dream as of lately?

Extra Resources

Here’s a really interesting deck of cards called “We’re Not Really Strangers”

Collective Expansion

Let us know in the comment section:

  • In what other way(s) this practice could be improved upon?
  • Any extra resources, feedback, and/or questions that could complement this blog post?

PS. If you’re looking forward to having a conversation with this, or any other mindful format, let us have it!

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