Creative Community of Spiritual Art

Even though we have learned so much during our times of solitude, sharing this process of life exploration with others has been incredibly expansive/rewarding/inspiring and our intention is to keep growing this intuitive initiative of collective connection/expression.

That said, if you happen to resonate with creative and spiritual practices, you’ve arrived at the right site. We then invite you, unconditionally, to reach out, share ideas, and contribute/collaborate at our own pace. 

In this blog post, we ask the ways we could build a better community around Visual Mantra, we share our current understanding of all the terms related to our intention, and we link our first introductory survey (with a free sticker after submission) and the link to our new community newsletter

Thank you, as always, for reading ✧

Questions to the Void

Feel free to reference and answer these questions at our new comment section below <3

1. How can we better build a creative community around mindful art and spiritual exploration?

2. How does your ideal community of creatives look like? How can we make it as interactive and two-way as possible? 

3. What’s your preferred way to communicate in community?

4. Are you already part of a creative community of spiritual art?

Clarifying Terms and Intentions

What do we mean when we mention all those terms?
Here’s our approach on them ~

Creativity: natural re-organization

Spirituality: recognition of the form-less, word-less, thought-less. All as an expression of the cosmos. Non-dualism.

Unconditionality: total Presence. Non-judgment, non-resistance, non-attachment.

Mindfulness: Intention + Attention. Holding safe spaces.

Creative Session: Mindful art-making and conversation (See creative activity #5)

What would you add/change/modify from these clarifications?

Intention of Community

All that said, here are 3 ways you can get more involved in this conversation of creative spirituality <3

1. New Disqus comment section below! 

2. Subscribe to our Community Newsletter

3. 7-question Survey (get your free sticker!)

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