Intervention of the White Marker

Photo-drawing of the greenbelt with writing that says "Intervention of the White Marker" in Spanish.

Intervention of the White Marker Cover Image

We always try to make our walks to nature a pleasant experience.

We do it with the intention of clearing, resting and connecting with what we lack in the city. In this way we look for interesting things to see and admire. We take shape and pattern. We stop if a natural formation resembles something done on purpose.

Fresh and archived thoughts come out due to the increase in oxygenation and physical activity. And to all this creativity, curious hunger arises.

Photo-drawing of a dog with it's skeleton being shown.

Greenbelt Dog

Photo-drawing of a face drawn over a greenbelt waterfall.

Water Beard

Photo-drawing of a bush of cherries with digital drawing of eyes on them.

Cherry Eyes

Photo-drawing of a face on a leaf.

Facing the Leaf

Fire drawn over a campsite over at an Austin Greenbelt.

Drawing Fire

This series is a collection of photographic observations of my imagination.

Regular exercise materialized in a white down intervention. In other words, my shared imagination.

As a good human, I love to take shape and pattern to everything, I think this habit is a way to keep the brain entertained.

Drawing over a photo emphasizing the termites trails on a tree.

Following the Termites

Photo-drawing of feet at the end of a pair of Austin trees.

Trees as Legs

Photo-drawing of a hand on top of a cut tree.

Hand in Nature

The intervention of the down makes this series of photos something unique within a very precise and unrepeatable time and space.

If someone else had done it, for example you, everything would have been different. And yet exactly with the same photographs, you would have seen - and drawn - other things in these photos. And even more interesting, I didn't know what to expect from my walks; Everything that came out of this series is a consequence of my state of mind in those days and the state in which the road was seen.

Additionally, this could not have been digitized in this way without the technological possibilities of the moment.

Vagina drawing inspired by the formation of a tree.

Tree Vagina

Drawing of a turtle over the Austin Greenbelt.

Imaginary Turtle

I do this as a way to attract people who like this creative initiative and/or feel connected with the topics I talk about. 

If you feel that this speaks to you, please reach out.

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