Creative Evolution of Consciousness

"I Heal Through Creative Inquiry

"I Am Both Form and Formless"

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Words of Context

There is no “correct” path as every one will eventually, in its own way, arrive at the ineffable union with all that is. 

This frame(art)work is intended to be used as a reference for reflection and conversation, as we’re aware that any point in the process serves its own purpose in the grand scheme of life (at its own pace, in its own time).

This experience is a highlighted representation of a particular human experience and an attempt to put that experience in words.

These 4 “categories” are inherently intertwined with each other and thus the “boundaries” between them are purely conceptual and symbolic. And even so, the realization of the thoughtless nature of existence in the 4th stage sees through all forms of identification. 

Words/thought can only point to the truth.

“Be Skeptical but Learn to Listen” - 5th Agreement

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