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-This concept of the New World signals to the current shift in human consciousness. One that is both collectively reaching a tipping point in regards to the overload of thought (& confusion) and the ongoing process of healing that is leading us to the transcendence of such neural expression. Transcendence that sees through thought and recognizes it as a pure energetic expression of the cosmos. 

In other words, a New World entails a New Mind; one that is aware of the way the universe is looking at itself.-

Art Island: The New World

This design was made for an Austin-based Collective of Artists that organizes soul-expanding art events in town. (Visit Art Island's IG Page to learn more)

The event happened on the the 9th & 10th of October and it was Art Island’s very first physical party since the start of Covid-19. That said, all the precautions were taken and of course we got creative with our masks ✨

We're so honored to have participated on the visuals for the event, especially because of the trust in our creative vision.

Design Talk

Fibonacci Structure: This is the second piece where I use the Golden Ratio as a base of inspiration and I’m oh so excited to continue this exploration. (here’s the first design)

Color Selection: Pure experimentation. I started by assigning ethero-natural tones and then modified them all to turn them into their “night-mode” version as the event is happening under the reflection of the moon.

Visual Inspiration: I’ve been loving the exploration of the cosmic visuals and this event was the perfect reason to go beyond the composition. Per the consequent symmetry of this fibonacci structure, It was only natural to start with a mirrored draft. As for the elements that I chose, my intention was to find a fair balance between the outer and inner space, and so I mixed the elements by fading in the shapes in various degrees.

Elements from bottom to top: 

  • Flower of life over globe/network: Collective Consciousness, Mother Nature
  • Pointed forms of energy: signaling contact, reaching out, connecting to the network
  • Central beam: 2D abstract DNA, seed, expansive Natural growth, Expanding frequency, abstract vagina, naked sacred eye, bodies of water, mountains, tree of light in front of the sun, owl face carrying an infinite-shaped hourglass, crown.
  • Eyes of wisdom: reaching out to the globe and pointing up to the light. 
  • Moon Phases: 🌝
  • 3 dots: a detail honoring the banner of peace
  • Profiled eyes: awareness of the cosmos
  • Leaves/plants: 🌱
  • Shooting stars: 🌠

Key-concepts of the Design

Shift in Consciousness. Transcendence of the self. Observing experience unconditionally; seeing through psychology/thought. Letting illusion dissolve in the embracing present. Floating in Awareness. Expression of the cosmic rhythm. Connection with nature. High frequency channeling. 

As everything, this art serves as a magnet for the energy that resonates <3 Thank you for your reception.

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