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Our vision with these visuals is to convey the flowy, satisfying and upbeat energy of the bubble, as well as the hipnotizing and shiny power of the disco ball. These two elements complement each other so well as they both are known to elevate our sense of amazement and joy ✧

The Disco Bubble is intended to naturally captivate one's eyes as the hues and lights were placed in reference to a real-life example.
Furthermore, the layered gradient effect (posterization) was added to bring definition to the organic waves of this perfect sphere.

The 3rd photo shows some of the sketches that we created to see what background pattern would enhance the Disco Bubble's presence in the poster.
The one that was picked was the one that had the best combo of flowy and mesmerizing. (and also because it low-key looks like an eye 👁🤭)

The rest of the pictures are some delicious close-ups😘 and the chaotic skeleton behind all that magic 🤣

Art Island: Bubbles and Beats

This design was made for an Austin-based Collective of Artists that organizes soul-expanding art events in town. 
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The event is happening on the the 25th of February and it will be at the Blue Norther Warehouse in East Austin

We're so honored to have participated on the visuals for the event, especially because of the trust in our creative vision.

Key-concepts of the Design

Colorful, Disco, Spheric, Hypnotic, Funky, Shiny, Upbeat

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